About QuaDror

QuaDror: A structural support system.
New. Simple. Versatile.

QuaDror is a new space truss geometry that unfolds manifold design initiatives and can adapt to various conditions and configurations.


The Story of QuaDror
In 2006, while experimenting in the workshop, Dror discovered a serendipitous geometry. Initially inspired by the aesthetic and flexibility of this versatile form, he soon realized the structural integrity of the interlocking members. The unique space truss geometry - now named QuaDror - is made from the assembly of four identical L-shaped pieces, either thin resulting in a trestle structure, or thick resulting in a solid panel. The collapsible system allows for rapid assembly and a transition from closed and flat to open and self-standing.



Four years of inspired and diligent investigations in a collaborative and experimental environment have allowed the team to develop a unique structure that can adapt to a variety of conditions and configurations. These range from product design, trestle structures, dwellings, dividing walls, sound barriers, and more. Some applications take advantage of its load-bearing capabilities, while others capitalize on its acoustic properties, ease of manufacturing, collapsibility and energy performance. Boosted by a team of experts, the studio conducted inter-disciplinary research and rigorous analysis, to soon discover the overwhelming strength of the geometry coming from the most simplistic physical force. The geometry revealed five development direction for applications with endless possibilities; dividing, dwelling, trestle, fenestration and artistic installation. These enabled designs reflect an ever-changing world where contextual factors and technological resources are shifting definitions of architecture, design, and the traditional boundaries between disciplines. 

Our goal 
“Our goal is to inspire change. Working with creative and innovative experts from various fields, we aim to share and implement this geometry in urban design, architecture, philanthropic work, and public art. When realizing that the system could potentially bring a groundbreaking solution to the global issue of habitat, we were eager to complete our experimentations and share this discovery with the world”
says Dror. 


Business Opportunities

1. To create collaboration with companies and organizations from various industries to bring QuaDror products to the market.
The QuaDror system lends itself to many different uses and scales.  Some applications take advantage of its load bearing ability, others for its ease of manufacturing, collapsibility, and more. Several product and architectural designs were developed utilizing the wide scope of applications that this geometry allows; including self standing panels for interior use, and exterior barriers of different kinds, architectural frame systems, and urban design elements. The QuaDror system incites innovative thinking. Its structural versatility and efficiency enables design solutions for various industries and for projects of various scales. Each benefits from its economical and environmental performance. QuaDror is led by Dror Benshetrit, who invented the geometric designed figures, which can be used for construction, habitat, urban design, and more.

2. To license the rights to manufacture products or systems using the QuaDror patented geometry.
The QuaDror geometry unfolds manifold design initiatives within multiple scales both in physical size and programmatic complexity. It embodies the idea of reuse or multi-use applied to intellectual material and physical systems, and takes advantage of an expertise across disciplines. The QuaDror system is available for regional licensing with option of exclusivity for a limited period of time. Our policies vary according to the purpose and use, whether it isfor philanthropic endeavors or commercial applications.

Dividing—from road to room
Main advantages
· Self-standing panels
· 43° tipping angle
· Every single panel has the stability and load-bearing capacity of a cube with only 1/5 of the volume
· The collapsibility of the rotomolded wall allows saving over 50% space in transportation and storage in comparison to typical self-standing jersey barriers
· Tremendous acoustic properties due to the shape of the geometry
· The irregular shape of the constructed wall reduces sun reverberation
· The panels can be pre-manufactured and shipped flat, reducing both construction time and use of heavy machinery on-site.


Frame systembuildings of all kinds
Main advantages
· Comparable to an internal diagrid, the diagonalized QuaDror elements provide vertical and lateral support for efficient member design
· QuaDror elements are made from axially loaded, dual-purpose members
· The bearing of the structure is spread to many points consistent with spread footings or plates on grade
· No uplift exists in the structure, which means no anchoring or modification of temporary grounds
· The Quadror elements are perfectly suited for gravity loads
· The use of typical I-beams for beams and columns
· The performance of the structural support systems lies partially in its collapsibility (self-opening from flat to 3d space truss) and its structural efficiency (which allows for less material)
· Pyramid-, dome- and other polyhedra-solutions for shelters often don’t maximize an urban density grid, whereas QuaDror can co-exist with cuboids and rectangular frames

Relief structure
To improve precarious living conditions
A universal kit of parts for an easy-assembly housing structure with great performance

Social impacts
· A didactic solution to empower the local communities by providing a guide and the tools to build their own living environment utilizing local material
The QuaDror relief structure allows great flexibility of design for the envelop of the final building. The aesthetic is not forced upon a community by a foreign culture.

Structural system performance
· Easy to build
· Structural efficiency with great resistance to environmental challenges, such as meteorological and geological perturbations
· The collapsibility of the structural support system allows shipping efficiency
· 1750 QuaDror relief structure kits can fit in one 40-feet container (i.e. 1750 QuaDror homes)
· Environmental performance: the collapsibility of the units and the use of local material allow for low-carbon footprint and great energy efficiency