QuaDror Support Frame


Donate a home

Donations go directly to funding projects that are being carried out in collaboration with our partners in various parts of the world. We work directly with the community in the development of these projects. They vary in scale, some require just QuaDror Kits and others design facilitation and construction support. Thus no two projects are the same and have different funding requirements as per the needs of our partners.    Read more  

Bring QuaDror to your community

The main mission of QuaDror Support is to make this technology readily and easily available to communities in need. If you are an organization for profit or non-profit  with the capacity to conduct development projects in your region we would be very happy to collaborate. Depending on your needs we can provide you the QuaDror kits as well as other support such as finding adequate funding.   Read more  


Why housing?

Shelter is the basic building block in the development of a region. International human rights law recognizes everyone’s right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing. Despite this over a billion people the world over do not have access to adequate housing. It is a complex issue that requires public and private partnership across disciplines.   Read more